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Good Neighbor Policy
Adam Day, President 22nd DAA; and David Watson, Director 22nd DAA.



Friday, April 20th, 2012 at about 6 pm

It looks like they took the dirt that had been piled in the South Overflow Lot (SOL) and spread it around on the East Overflow Lot (EOL) in preparation for parking. They have done significant grading and earth moving, and have once again impeded the ability of the EOL and SOL to return to wetland status. Grading and earth moving has also occurred on the EOL and SOL in the past few days. Photo Dwight Worden



December 25, 2010

The South lot (SOL) from the Boardwalk, looking north. Appearance of the South Lot wetland when left undisturbed. Photo Jacqueline Winterer



The Board of Directors of the 22nd District Agricultural Association (DAA) is committed to firm, concrete demonstrable actions to facilitate a new era of cooperation among the government agencies in the San Dieguito River Valley.

Most specifically, the DAA board is working with the leaders of the City of Del Mar to foster more open, honest communication and understanding. The recent revitalization of the 22nd DAA Community Relations Committee by District Board members David Watson and Lisa Barkett and Del Mar City Council members Lee Haydu and Don Mosier has resulted in more productive discussions of the needs and goals of each organization. Conversations are respectful, candid and sometime blunt. But the DAA board members believe that progress in cooperative efforts can occur only with frank discussions.

In addition, the cooperative efforts between the22nd DAA and the local communities, regulatory agencies, and the California Coastal Commission have resulted in recent historic achievements .

Most notably,the 22nd DAA and the California Coastal Commission negotiated a Consent Cease and Desist Order and a Restoration Order. Their approval by the Coastal Commission started a process for resolving long standing conflicts between the two agencies. Through the Orders, the 22nd DAA has agreed to a series of actions that will provide significant environmental improvements on the Fairgrounds along the San Dieguito River.

So that the Fairgrounds may continue to operate, the Orders provide for an interim period in which the District is allowed to continue ongoing and planned operational activities, events and corresponding development. This list of activities was submitted to the Coastal Commission in April in compliance with the Orders and is subject to the condition that the District not expand current operations and conform to the resource protection measures identified in the Orders.

Within six months from the date the Orders were approved, the 22nd DAA will submit a coastal development permit application that will address existing and proposed uses on the East Overflow Lot, plans for restoration of 100-foot buffer areas and the rip-rap placement location, and the restoration plans for the entire south overflow lot (SOL). Studies required to be submitted as part of the permit application include: wetland delineation, site plans, parking/transportation demand management plan, and grading and drainage plan.

Within twelve months of the Orders’ approval,the 22nd DAA will submit a coastal permit application that addresses existing and proposed uses on the Fairgrounds proper (west of Jimmy Durante and north of the San Dieguito River). This permit would encompass the ‘typical short-term events’ conducted at the Fairgrounds. The application would include measures to reduce/avoid impacts to sensitive habitat/species and measures to accommodate/mitigate parking and traffic.

The 22nd DAA Board is committed to this new era of close cooperation with our neighbors and invites the community to attend the Board meetings where a monthly update on the status of the Orders will be provided. In addition, the newly created Land Use and Environmental Committee, including Board President Adam Day and David Watson, will hold periodic public meetings to discuss the status Orders. Members of the public may obtain additional information at any time by contacting 22nd DAA staff.


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