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Super voting 
A 2-Part Spread

Political Scuttlebutt: Who’s Backing the Candidates?  |  What’s at Stake


Political Scuttlebutt: Who’s Backing the Candidates?
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Rallying Round Roberts
left to right standing: Dave Druker, Jacqueline Winterer, Rick Hendlin, Dave Roberts, Pam Slater-Price, Tom Golich,
Tom Campbell.  left to right seated: Lou Terrell, Lesa Heebner.
Photo Susan Schelling


Carl with Admiral Jack Batzler (ret.) aboard the USS Midway. Carl was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. Photo courtesy Hilliard Campaign


The race for 3rd District County Supervisor is heating up as absentee ballots have been delivered and the election is only a few days away - Tuesday, June 5, Danon, Hilliard and Roberts are lining up endorsements from City of Del Mar and City of Solana Beach current and former council members:

  • Steve Dannon - Joe Kellejian
  • Carl Hilliard - Mark Filanc, Richard Earnest, Terry Sinnott, Crystal Crawford
  • Dave Roberts - Bill Arballo, Dave Druker, Tom Golich, Jan McMillan, Celine Olson,     Tere Renteria, Margaret Schlesinger, Doug Sheres, Lou Terrell, Paul Tompkins, Tom Campbell, Mike Nichols, Mary Jane Boyd, Lesa Heebner, Debbie Groban, Brooke Eisenberg, Al Tarkington, Henry Abarbanel,  Richard Hendlin.

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