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New carts – what to do
Deliveries of our new waste carts will begin the week of May 14. You should receive both the cart for solid waste and recycle cart, ordered last month, on your regular trash day. If you plan to be out of town please make arrangements with neighbors to bring the carts onto your property.
Del Martians will have an opportunity to fine-tune the way they toss out waste. The old recycle blue/green bins will be replaced by a single blue cart wherein all types of recyclables can be combined. New technologies allow for sorting and redirecting these items so they don’t go into our landfills. Solid waste will go into the grey bins, including cat litter, broken glass and mirrors, polystyrene takeout containers & peanuts, food wrappings, ceramic dishware and pots, food waste, and dirty and soiled paper.

New crates must be rolled to the curb with their wheels to the curb, their lids closed and the handles facing the street. This allows automated pick up by the trucks.

Green waste will not change. You are still allowed nine 32- gallon cans per week. If you do not plan to compost, as recommended recently by Carol Graham, Master Gardener, you can add plant and vegetable clippings in these cans. Sawdust and untreated (not painted) wood can also be included in your green waste.
If you find the size of your solid waste cart does not suit you, there will be a 90-day grace period wherein you can contact Waste Management and they will swap out your carts to a more suitable size at no charge.

What about the unwanted trash cans and recycling crates? The week of May 21st, following the delivery of our new carts, Waste Management and their sub-contractor will go through your neighborhood to pick up your old EMPTY unwanted trashcans and recycle crates. Please affix the yellow sticker included in your delivery package to unwanted trashcans so the driver can easily identify that you would like it removed. Unwanted crates will automatically be removed and do not need a sticker for pick up. If you miss the one-week opportunity, a roll-off box will be located at the City’s Public Works yard at 2240 Jimmy Durante Blvd. from May 14th – June 1st for you to drop off unwanted cans and crates. What a great opportunity to get rid of cans with holes and useless lids.

New carts – what not to do
When you mix trash with recycling or green waste, resulting in contamination, residents will receive a notice of non-collection and collection will not be made. Residents will be required to clean trash out of recycling and green waste carts, and place carts out for the next week’s pick up. If recycling and green waste remain contaminated and the material needs to be serviced as trash, applicable charges will apply.

Next month The Sandpiper will look at the enhanced and new recycling offerings Waste Management is providing residents with their new contract with Del Mar.
Contact Waste Management of North County/Coast Waste Management customer service at 1(800) DUMPSTER or (760) 439-2824.


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