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Fair Board Smokescreen
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Never a dull moment when dealing with our giant neighbor in our back yard. For months the Fair Board has been involved in confidential talks to try to reach a settlement of a lawsuit against their flawed master plan filed by Solana Beach, Del Mar, and the San Dieguito River Valley Park. Terms have not been revealed but the Fair Board has been squealing loudly that Del Mar is being unfair to them in exacting “onerous, punitive, and unreasonable” concessions. They directed their staff to cease and desist cooperation with Del Mar staff on a number of promising joint efforts. Taking the high road, the Del Mar Council has not commented publicly. Presumably settlement talks will continue under the threat of the lawsuit.

On another front, community watchdogs are alarmed that the east and south lots of the fairgrounds are being utilized in apparent violation of the Cease and Desist orders that were imposed recently by the Coastal Commission. This may be the first test of the good faith promises of a “new era” made by Fair Board President Adam Day. It will also be a test of the Coastal Commission’s enforcement follow through. Maybe the new era should be renamed “trust and verify.”

There has been no action on the long-delayed appointments of new board members by the Governor. Out of nine seats there are currently three lame-duck members and two vacancies. The word is that they will not appoint anyone who has ever been in conflict with the Fair Board and they are looking for more female applicants. Del Mar is making the case that appointing a knowlegeable Delmarian will help promote more communication and cooperation. Local residents who may be under consideration include Wayne Dernetz, Dwight Worden, Linda Rock, Carolyn Kling, Barbara Meyers, and Dave Druker.


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