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Ben Nyce | Via Latina


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“Avez-vous visité la France?” Oui, Oui! We replied in chorus. At least we got that right. It became more difficult after that since the entire class was conducted in French – except when frustration resulted in English.

The French conversation class is one of the many offerings for adults at the Del Mar Library. There’s a class in Mandarin Chinese for beginners, a discussion group involving travel literature, even a class in improving balance for seniors to prevent falls. There is a class in Hatha Yoga every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch hour and a Sage Investment Group every first and third Thursday at 10 a.m. You can access the list of free events and classes for both adult and children’s programs at www.sdcl.org.

Some of us like to walk (trying out the City’s proposed Park Once strategy) to a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner after class, trying out different menus and enjoying downtown strolling especially amidst the sidewalk nightlife.

Of course, before or after class, you can also browse for books, dvds, cds, magazines and newspapers at the library. If you want a special book not held in the county system you can use the Circuit at www.sdcl.org and have access to the collection at UCSD, USD and San Diego State. Link + can give even wider access to the entire University of California library catalogue and other libraries out of state. It may take a few days to get your book and the renewal process is somewhat restricted, but you will have your hard-to-get book. All of this can be done online but if problems occur the helpful and friendly library staff will give you lots of assistance. All in all, the Del Mar library is a great community resource.

SP: Ben is a retired Professor of Literature and Film and is often seen getting in and out of his car at the Del Mar Library with a stack of books.


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