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Supermen Speak
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The previous edition of the Del Mar Sandpiper introduced three candidates pursuing the District Three Supervisorial position in San Diego County: Dave Roberts, Carl Hilliard and Steve Danon. If one of the candidates receives over 50 percent of the votes cast on June 5th, he wins the position; otherwise the election of November 6th will yield the final determination.

We invited each individual to describe specific priorities and projects he would implement if elected. We imposed a limit of approximately 200 words, which proved difficult given the candidates’ desire to present a comprehensive grasp of the range and diversity of challenges confronting the County.

Here are their responses:

Carl Hilliard
The State calls it “realignment.” 
It’s really “prisoner dumping.”

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Carl Hilliard


I trust that as a former naval officer, business owner, consumer advocate and current position as Mayor of the City of Del Mar that I have been able to improve the lives of many people throughout our region. This remains my major goal.

If elected as a County Supervisor of the 3rd District I would have an expansive work agenda of potential accomplishments.

Currently I am concerned about the implications of the State’s so called “realignment plan.” I would resist the State’s efforts to offload prisoners maintained in State prisons onto the County, at a cost of 1 million dollars for the first year, as one means of rescuing the State budget.
I would make sure that volunteer county committees are listened to. The County is just too large to ensure that important community issues and concerns not go ignored and unaddressed.

The supply of water is diminishing and the cost is skyrocketing. On a higher policy level we need to establish policies and programs that would supply water for indoor home use and reclaimed water for outdoor landscaping.

I would seek to increase the number of firemen and stations especially where they are needed and do so without raising taxes. In fact I have taken a pledge not to raise any taxes as a political representative.

I would limit Neighborhood Reinvestment funds, which are distributed by County Supervisors, to be granted strictly for the building of new infrastructure.

As a successful business man I intend to stimulate the job market by instituting a coordinated, public and private sector approach—bring all our resources together to define potential jobs and then create the resources needed to attract and support companies who wish to locate here.


steve Danon
Time for Change

Danon | Hilliard | Roberts

It’s time for change in County government.


Steve Danon

With nearly one-in-ten San Diego residents under- or unemployed, it’s time for the Board of Supervisors to work with local chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and business leaders to retain, recruit and create a healthier business environment to provide good- paying jobs in the region.
County red tape is strangling job-creation, making it difficult for new and existing companies to expand operations and create jobs and causing many companies to close their doors or relocate to other areas.

The County needs to reassess its spending priorities. Taxpayers have been left holding the bag for unsustainable public employee pensions and costly perks for elected officials. It’s time to implement a system that eliminates risks and reduces costs for taxpayers.

It’s also time to eliminate the Supervisors’ $5 million slush fund and implement a merit-based community grant system based on County government priorities such as public safety, education, public health and infrastructure.

Finally, it’s time for the creation of a regional “Ethics Commission” with a Whistleblower component to make sure elected officials live by the rules and so that the County’s 16,000 employees can report waste, fraud and abuse without fear of retaliation.

Dave Roberts
The Experience We Need

Danon | Hilliard | Roberts

Dave Roberts

There are so many issues and challenges confronting whomever is elected Supervisor that narrowing it down to a short list is very difficult. Given my record as the Deputy Mayor of Solana Beach, my achievements as a business and finance professional, including the development of a Fortune 500 company and, of special importance, my numerous involvements with dedicated community groups….

I will continue to:

• fight to save and preserve the fragile environment of San Diego County,
• work to spur business growth,
• strive to attract businesses to the County and create jobs,
• And, continue my record of balancing the budget while cutting waste.

I would expect whoever is elected to list and espouse a similar agenda. However, my list includes the challenges and responsibilities I have already accepted and have worked successfully to accomplish—my proven track record- if you would!
I am not a career politician but a career public servant-one who has been endorsed by a long list of devoted elected officials, on both sides of the political spectrum, by gifted governmental administrators, and laymen and women whose lives are committed as volunteers to achieving the public good.

As a father of five adopted children I am continually motivated and inspired by their optimism. It serves to strengthen my continued determination to fashion a more livable future for them and each member of the larger San Diego Community.
I would be honored to have your vote and the support needed to accomplish our agenda.


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