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We like Dennis Ridz’s idea for a bus loop that would carry visitors and residents around to important stops in our community.

He says: “Don’t look now, but just when you thought traffic couldn’t get any worse, along come three projects that will soon bury you in vehicles.” He identifies the Fairgrounds Master Plan, the Flower Hill Mall expansion and Kilroy’s proposed One Paseo almost 2,000,000 sq. ft. mixed use development as projects “that will turn our area into a parking lot unless we act fast.”

Ridz, chair of the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board and a candidate for the First District San Diego City Council seat, says the current proposal to shuttle people back and forth from the Solana Beach Train Station to the Fairgrounds and Del Mar won’t solve the problem. He has met with the 22nd Ag District and Kilroy’s One Paseo development team to suggest a more permanent solution that evidently would run year round and include other stops such as Flower Hill and One Paseo.

We think that is a good idea but would substitute Del Mar Highlands for One Paseo, given that the Highlands is an already established community center. A community center that not only includes shopping, restaurants, grocery stores, two bakeries and a movie theatre but, more importantly, a recreation center with public amenities that include a playground, gymnasium and swimming pool, and a public library. This is a stop that would bring nearby residents to and from the beach easing the congested beach parking in Del Mar and bringing more customers to Del Mar businesses that are unique to our area. Hopefully the bus would allow passengers to bring their dog along to shop at Dexter’s Deli.
We like the idea and feel it merits consideration in our proposed Village Specific Plan. We agree with Ridz. We should explore this option fast. It is too good to pass up.


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