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Unmitigated Failure
Bob Fuchs | Carmel Valley Resident


Elevations shown on the Developer’s website. Block D on El Camino Real represents a 10-story office building. Block E , across from the entrance to the Del Mar Highlands shopping center shows an 8-story office building. Block C, on High Bluff Drive indicates a 10-story residence.  www.onepaseo.com/


For over a year, opposition to One Paseo has expressed concern about the traffic impacts and the destruction of community character that would accompany the proposed massive project. The developer’s response was always that it couldn’t divulge traffic information until the Draft Environmental Impact Report was released by the City of San Diego, and then everything will be explained.

The DEIR was released in late March with a deadline for public comment on May 29, 2019.

So, what does the 3,000+ page DEIR say? At first blush, the opposition’s estimate regarding the traffic generation was remarkably close to what has been published in the DEIR, despite some dubious assumptions being used which lowered the DEIR’s traffic generation estimate.

The opposition’s claims that the project would create traffic impacts that would not be mitigated and would irrevocably detract from the existing character of Carmel Valley were also validated:

“Mitigation is proposed for significant direct impacts to Del Mar Heights Road from
I-5 southbound ramps to I-5 northbound ramps, which entails reconfiguring the median on the bridge to extend the eastbound to northbound dual left-turn pocket to 400 feet (Mitigation Measure 5.2-1 ).” Although the implementation of the identified mitigation would provide improvements to this roadway segment, the roadway segment would continue to operate at LOS E [Level of Service D is considered the worst acceptable level] even with implementation of this proposed improvement. Therefore, direct impacts would remain significant and there is no additional mitigation to address these significant impacts.”

“There is no feasible mitigation to reduce community character impacts to below a level of significance. Therefore, community character impacts resulting from the proposed project would remain significant and unmitigable.”

There is too much detail and the time too short after the DEIR’s release to go into more detail at this point. However, if you want to find access to the DEIR, you can go to www.whatpricemainstreet.com and download pieces of the DEIR from the various links.

Stay tuned for more highlights. Remember that traffic that happens in Carmel Valley doesn’t stay in Carmel Valley!


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