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Kilroy Plaza

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Developer pulling out all stops

from the website What Price Main Street? 
www.whatpricemainstree t.com/background

Proposed intersections with traffic lights. (Map not to scale)
www.whatpricemainstree t.com/background


In 2007 Kilroy Realty Corporation purchased the 22.8-acre site on the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real in the heart of Carmel Valley for nearly $88 million. The site is Carmel Valley’s last sizeable undeveloped parcel of commercial property. Since that time, the developer has marketed its One Paseo-Main Street project concept by sending a glossy 20-page brochure to every household in Carmel Valley, publishing a slick web site, and hosting countless public meetings serving meals or refreshments.

The marketing promotion focuses on the “neighboring gathering place” aspect of the proposed development through a series of contemporary, lifestyle artist renderings portraying selective views designed to minimize the scale of the project. The promotional materials fail to provide any details from which one could understand that the Main Plaza represents only 4.5% of the site area and the supporting retail uses represent less than 15% of the total building area. There is no mention of the total size of the proposed project, which is nearly 4X greater than the current allowable building area, nor that the height of the 10-story office and 10-story residential buildings far exceed the heights of any similar-use building in Carmel Valley, nor any details regarding the additional traffic generation by this requested increase in allowable building area and change in use.


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