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San Diego County, an enormous urbanizing region of over three million people, is larger than 20 U.S. States. An operating budget of $4.8 supports myriad programs in health, welfare, economic development and employment, regional planning and environmental preservation.

Below are highlights of three candidates for Supervisor of the Third District, including Del Mar: Dave Roberts, Carl Hilliard and Steve Danon. Next month each will be invited to describe specific priorities and projects they would implement if elected.


• Deputy Mayor of the City of Solana Beach with a Master’s degree in Financial Management.
• Voted for a balanced budget every year on the Solana Beach Council, without eliminating essential services.
• Corporate officer for a San Diego Fortune 500 company (SAIC)
• Now a senior manager for an international non-profit association, Healthcare and Management Information Society.
• Nationally recognized expert in health care policy, appointed by both the Bush and Obama Administrations to a leadership advisory role related to maximizing the cost-effectiveness and delivery of Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs.
• Worked to create the military’s current healthcare system; led efforts to rebuild the San Dieguito River Park when over 60 percent of it was destroyed by fire.
• Managed to reduce fares and expand service while on the North County Transit Board.
• Dave adopted five children from the County ranging in ages from three to sixteen and thrives in his role as parent.
• Supervisor Pam Slater-Price recently endorsed Dave to replace her in county office; she went on to say, “Roberts is trustworthy, experienced and devoted to public service.” She noted that he shares her support for environmental issues and managing growth.

• Mayor of the City of Del Mar, Pomona College graduate.
• US Navy specializing in electronic countermeasures.
• JD, USC School of Law.
• Founded Via/Net Companies with his wife, with more than 165 employees and held interests in television and communication facilities across the nation.
• Faculty member Cal Western School of Law, UCSD and George Mason School of Law.
• Currently President of Wireless Consumers Alliance Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing consumer interests.
• Del Mar City Council representative to SANDAG (San Diego County’s Regional Planning Agency, LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) and the North County Transit Board of Directors.


• San Diego State University graduate.
• Vice-President Peter Novelli International public relations firm.
• Founded Benedetto and Danon Public Relations, working with businesses on information technology, healthcare, the environment, public safety and housing issues.
• Congressman Brian Bilbray’s Chief of Staff working on saving the War Memorial on Mt. Soledad; cleaning up Lake Hodges; improving water safety standards, cleaning up the beaches and assisting Bilbray’s efforts to stop amnesty for 12-20million illegal immigrants.
• Chief of Staff to Supervisor Ron Roberts securing the county’s first fire-fighting helicopter; creating “critical hours,” an after hour’s program to keep children off the streets and out of trouble.
• Active in California Coastal Coalition, San Diegans against Crime, County Taxpayers Association, Repertory Theatre, as well as educational organizations serving youth and the disadvantaged.


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