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Remembering Seagrove Artist
Carol Mason | Serpentine Drive

Artist David Graham Webb with his painting "Three Men"
Courtesy www.sdcitybeat.com/

David Webb, the wild-haired painter you may have seen in Sea Grove Park, is dead at 56. He embodied the Art Spirit for he truly lived to paint and painted to live. Painting came pouring from within David and seemed both to quiet and to express his soul.

David and my son, Paul, were boyhood friends and both were painters. They hung out in Dave Newcomb’s art room at San Dieguito High school even after they graduated. When I called him about David’s death we talked about their boyhoods in Del Mar. Sweet times long ago.

Dave was Del Mar’s homegrown homeless person and other moms and I felt protective of him. One time I asked a new deputy sheriff not to hassle him. We all knew him. He wouldn’t bother anyone.

In a film about artists made by the San Diego Mental Health Association, David talked about being in Sea Grove Park, sleeping out in nature, watching and listening to the waves. Being out of doors made him feel comforted and allowed him to paint. In later years when I saw him sleeping under the pine tree in the park, I thought of that statement and hoped he would find peace. Today I look at the waves and believe that he has.

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