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Wayside Horn A Go!
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street


Photo illustration Art Olson


Thanks to the efforts of the Del Mar Quiet Zone Committee (DMQZ), chaired by Hershell Price, the North County Transit District (NCTD) will be contributing non-local funds of $200,000 to support the construction costs of installing a Wayside Horn system at the Coast Boulevard Crossing.

As reported in the December Sandpiper, the DMQZ had raised approximately $175,000 from residents and businesses toward the cost of installing the technology that would greatly reduce train horn noise in and around the crossing, but was still roughly $200,000 short of the $378,317 needed.

At their December meeting, however, the NCTD Board, citing their belief that “the Del Mar implementation of wayside horn technology is an important pilot for the region,” and that it will “provide valuable information for the community in better understanding the costs, benefits, and possible negative consequences of implementing the technology,” voted unanimously to contribute the $200,000 needed to go forward.

NCTD is finalizing and executing agreements with Del Mar and will begin implementation as soon as the City has deposited the $175,000 raised for the project. Hershell Price, speaking on behalf of the DMQZ, says he expects the funds to be deposited by January 30th.




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