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Torrey Pines Bridge Retrofit
Joe Bride, Deputy Director of Public Works



Jan 8, 2012. Final stages of demolition. Photo Virginia Lawrence

Project Description

The North Torrey Pines Bridge is one of Del Mar’s historic landmarks. To preserve the historic character of the bridge, a complex structural analysis was completed to seismic retrofit and rehabilitate the bridge, our City’s southern entry point. The seismic retrofit includes replacing the entire upper deck of the bridge over several stages of construction. The replacement deck will be the same width and lane configuration as the existing bridge. The columns of the bridge will be seismically strengthened and repairs to deteriorating concrete will be made. All repairs will be made such that the existing character is maintained (including the historical look of the board formed concrete finish).

Photo courtesy Department of Public Works

The construction project is 100 percent funded with a combination of federal and state funding from the Statewide Bond Measure Prop 1B passed in 2006. Prior to contract award, the project completed various environmental reviews, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The project design has been carefully reviewed by both Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration. The City contracted with Simon Wong Engineering for engineering, TY Lin International for construction management and Flatiron West, Inc. for construction.

Construction Update

The first phase of construction was complete in October 2011 as a temporary bridge structure was constructed adjacent to the east side of the existing bridge. Traffic was partially diverted on to the temporary bridge structure to isolate the western half of the existing bridge. Demolition and removal of the upper deck of the western half was complete in January 2012, requiring several full road closures of North Torrey Pines Road from Carmel Valley Road to the Torrey Pines State Beach Parking lot. Column seismic retrofit work on the western half has begun as the contractor removed outer layers of concrete and exposed the existing steel reinforcement. Additional steel reinforcement is being wrapped around each column prior to new concrete being poured. Column retrofit work along the western half will be followed by the installation of new concrete pre-cast girders and a new upper deck. Once the western half of the bridge retrofit is complete, the retrofit sequence will restart for the eastern half of the bridge with the construction of a temporary bridge structure adjacent to the west side.

Construction is within budget and on schedule for completion in September 2013.




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