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Stabalizing the Bluffs

For several months SANDAG has been working to stabalize the bluffs. Even as they work, the cliffs continue to erode.

SANDAG description of the project.

Work Area 3 at 8th Street


Jan. 1, 2012. Work area 3 next to 8th Street at end of current construction. This is where the 1940 train wreck occurred. The concrete slab did not exist at that time. Photo Larry Brooks

Dec. 31, 2011. Work area 3.  Erosion next to the concrete slab (in foreground) has continued during the construction. New large portions of earth have fallen away. Photo Virginia Lawrence

Work Area 1 just below Seagrove Park

Work Area 1.  A big chuck of the cliff fell away from just below this sign between Jan 6th and Jan 12th .  See photos below.
Photo Virginia Lawrence


Jan. 6, 2012. Note the fissure in the cliff just to the right of the sign.
Photo Tom McGreal


Jan. 12, 2012. Six days later the cliff next to the fissure has fallen away. Photo Tom McGreal

SANDAG is working to stabilize portions of the 1.6 miles of coastal bluffs between Seagrove Park and Torrey Pines State Beach in the City of Del Mar. This integral part of the 128-mile Los Angeles to San Diego (LOSSAN) rail corridor provides a vital link for passenger and freight movements within San Diego County, as well as between San Diego, Los Angeles, and points further north. [ ... ] The periodic stabilization of the bluffs will help preserve trackbed support to ensure uninterrupted rail service. Components of the project include drilling 36-inch diameter holes for soldier piles spaced approximately 10 feet on center and 40 to 65 feet in depth. Work will involve installing steel reinforcement beams into the holes; backfilling the holes with concrete; installing tie-backs at some locations; and finishing with an architecturally enhanced pile cap. Some of the construction will occur at night.

The total cost of the project is $4.8 million. It is being funded primarily from Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and FTA Grant funds.

Text from the SANDAG website documentation:




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