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Shame On Who?
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Picketers on 15th Street in front of the Americana.
Photo Tony Corso


Most of this month the large banner unfurled on 15h Street and Camino Del Mar announced a labor dispute between Neidiger, Tucker, Bruner, a Colorado investment banking firm, and the Carpenters Union, Local 55. According to a Union flyer, that was distributed on site, the dispute centered on a project located in Englewood, California and the accusation that the project employed “independent” contractors and did not meet “labor standards.”

Neither party returned numerous calls seeking further clarification. However, a determination was made that, if there was such a project, it was not implemented in Del Mar. The investment firm maintains an office in Del Mar but the employee was unwilling to provide information and referred the Sandpiper to a Colorado office. An earlier attempt was made to contact Mr. Bruner but his office referred us to an associate who did not return our call.




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