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Sandpiper reply to Carl Hilliard

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Hilliard says about Sandpiper editorial: “The information is not true.” However, the public record shows that on October 28 Hilliard voted YES on SANDAG Plan.

Sandpiper reporting of Hilliard’s votes:

Contrary to Hilliard’s assertions, the December Sandpiper correctly reported his voting against an earlier 10+4 lanes proposal but that he voted yes to approve the final 8+4 lanes proposal despite the State Attorney General’s warning in a letter dated September 16, 2011 that the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the 2050 RTP was “legally deficient...setting the region on a course that is inconsistent with the State’s climate objective.”   

Sandpiper reporting of Hilliard's votes

Hilliard asks that we direct readers’ attention to the “commitments” that were agreed to in that meeting which he asserts will result in early actions on public transit alternatives. The Sandpiper has had that link on its website since we first heard from Hilliard: see SANDAG discussions and actions relevant to the RTP on October 28. Also see related article on the I-5 expansion EIR. 

Sandjpiper reporting of SANDAG discussions and actions

The Sandpiper stands by its editorial and wants to emphasize that the issue, pointed out in the Attorney General’s letter, is that the “... suite of strategies relied on by SANDAG, which include a heavy reliance on roadway expansion projects, does not deliver GHG [greenhouse gas] reductions that are sustainable in the long term.”
Further, “...infrastructure and land use decisions made in the early years (of the 2050 RTP) may lock in transporation inefficiencies and preclude any realistic possibility of meeting the...goal of an 80% reduction in GHG emissions.”

Breaking News: The Sandpiper has learned, just as we go to press, that the Attorney General and the Sierra Club have both joined the Cleveland National Forest Foundation and the Center for Biological Diversity in a joint lawsuit challenging the SANDAG plan.   

Press Release from AG Kamala D. Harris, 01/23/12




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