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A Letter  Addressed to the Editors

The Sandpiper Reply


He Said
Carl Hilliard, Mayor of del Mar


Dear Editors:

Reading the Sandpiper [December] editorial you probably wonder what in the world Carl Hilliard is thinking. I certainly would from this dispatch except for one thing: The information isn’t true.

December editorial

I’ll start with the Sandpiper’s statement that I voted yes for SANDAG’s new Regional Transportation Program (RTP), a vote the paper maintains flies in the face of the California attorney general’s objections to the program’s environmental-impact report.

Actually, I argued and voted against the 14-lane SANDAG proposal. My colleagues on the Del Mar City Council and I later supported Senator Christine Kehoe’s compromise bill, SB 468, allowing for only four additional carpool lanes while requiring that North County coastal mass-transit projects be built out before highway construction begins. The lane-reduction compromise was adopted by SANDAG and became part of the RTP.
No one was kept in the dark about this, as the Sandpiper editorial insinuates. The public was in the know from the get-go through expansive media coverage and a continuous flow of information to the communities.

As far as the Sandpiper’s comment about the attorney general’s office decrying the five-volume environmental report, that’s an inaccuracy. The objection in question addresses the Sustainable Communities Strategy, specifically greenhouse gas studies beyond 2035. Since none of the cities in San Diego County have a general plan that goes beyond 2035, current projections are merely estimates, which the attorney general questioned the use of. Furthermore, the time to object in court has passed with not another word from the attorney general.

The last Sandpiper editorial point I’d like to address is the Kilroy development. My council colleagues and I are well aware of the proposed project and we plan to receive a thorough briefing in January. It would be premature to make any comments about the project prior to a detailed disclosure.

Which pretty much sums up my belief in leadership, a quality questioned in the Sandpiper editorial. Effective results are the measure of a leader, not confusing, baseless rhetoric.

That’s the course I’ll be steering for the next year as mayor of Del Mar. And I’ll be keeping both hands on the wheel.

Carl Hilliard, Mayor of Del Mar

Carl Hilliard, currently mayor of Del Mar, has been on the Del Mar City Council since 2004. He has been Del Mar’s SANDAG representative since 2010. He was elected to represent the North Coastal region on SANDAG’s Planning Committee in 2011 and continues as vice chairman through 2012. He is also the 2012 vice chairman of the California League of Cities, Legislative Committee, a position he has held since 2009. He was elected Commissioner San Diego LAFCO from 2007 through 2011, serving as chairman in 2010 and 2011. From 2007 to 2009, he was a member of the board of directors for the North County Transit District.



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