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Hooray for Huth!
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Scott Huth

Beginning January 1 Del Mar will have a new City Manager, Scott Huth. He brings a 28-year background working in local coastal communities, including the position of Coronado’s Public Services Director since 1995. Mayor Don Mosier, reflecting a unanimous City Council choice, says “He is an accomplished executive with a strong record of working with residents, businesses and staff to serve the community. Scott will be a perfect fit for Del Mar.”

Asked by the Sandpiper what he thinks about Del Mar’s long and strong tradition of citizen involvement, Huth says “this is right up my alley.” After studying Del Mar, including videos of six months of our Council meetings, he says “Del Mar’s level of citizen involvement is double or triple what other communities experience. I like that. I intend to be very active working with residents, businesses, and community organizations...after getting to know staff and Council members I will be getting out meeting people, listening, and looking for ways I can help implement what this community wants to see happen. Citizen invovement is a good thing. I am not just a desk guy. I like to get out where the action is.”



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