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Volunteer of the Year
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera


Chris Engelbrecht.  Photo courtesy DMCC


Chris Engelbrecht is the kind of accomplished community volunteer who is able to fulfill so many diverse duties that her name is the first on everyone’s list. And when called, Chris answers. Very fortunate for our community Chris has devoted untold hours through many consecutive years to develop and expand the services of Del Mar Community Connections – making our community an energized place for our seniors.
As a DMCC Board Director and Executive Officer including Secretary and Vice-President, Chris carried her managerial responsibilities while working the front lines with volunteer driving, brain fitness computer coaching, event planning for fundraisers and luncheons, website design, volunteer recruitment, and baking more than her fair share of lemon cakes. Chris gives her heart and admiration to our senior residents who love her dearly for her kind and respecting spirit. Our fundraising team continues to count on Chris, our most attractive and fast-stepping guest bartender at Sbicca, to bring in buckets of tips for DMCC. We cherish Chris and her generous gifts to our community.


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