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Big Big ... Really Big!
Bob Fuchs | Carmel Valley Resident


Two traffic lights to be added at arrows.
Photo courtesy www.WhatPriceMainStreet.com


The developer promotes the most idyllic views of One Paseo, but avoids disclosing the dramatic local and regional impacts along the adjacent arterial roads. Two years after first proposing the project, no traffic study has been released to the public. However, with the project’s need for 4,100 parking spaces (Del Mar’s population is 4,400) and 2 additional traffic signals on Del Mar Heights Rd. to handle ingress and egress, and with the actual traffic experience shown in the photo to the right, a very negative outlook for Carmel Valley/Del Mar’s already-stressed interchanges with I-5 can be anticipated.

The tree-lined, pleasant Main Street portrayed by the developer is inconsistent with the unavoidable internal congestion from 26,000 auto trips/day entering and exiting the project via signalized intersections and utilizing 3- and 7-level parking structures. Anyone doubting this portrayal of congestion should imagine the current surface parking and internal circulation experienced at the Del Mar Highlands Town Center, but with the propo sed development’s nearly identical retail area and over 6X more overall building area (excluding parking structures) on three-fourths the land area.
This is an overwhelming project with too many issues to be covered in this.

Nevertheless, I urge area residents and tenants to become familiar with the scale and impacts of the proposed project to judge whether the perceived benefits justify the impacts to the area, and to make sure their city representatives are aware of their concerns before it is too late. www.WhatPriceMainStreet.com provides a more in-depth background, as well as a convenient way to express one’s opinion to appropriate San Diego officials.



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