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Winston Never Gives Up!
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Photo courtesy Winston School

Most of us would agree that Del Mar is a special place. As such, it seems appropriate that it have a special school. It does and its name is “The Winston School.” Certainly a school that operates with the model, “Inspiring Hope and Success in Creative Children” would suggest that it is a special and unique educational facility. Despite the fact that the school has been in Del Mar, located at the intersection of 9th street and Stratford Court, since 1988 it remains a relative unknown to many residents.

As an important part of the City it warrants an informed description of its mission, its educational programs and the students it educates. Of particular interest are the qualities of the school that allow it to be described in its brochure as “one of its kind” and “distinctive.”

It also seems appropriate to explore Winston School at a time in which schools in general are undergoing constant evaluation and scrutiny. Many have received negative evaluations! Moreover, many teachers and parents are looking for alternative educational programs - especially if their children are undergoing difficulty in what is often thought of as “standardized learning.”

Allow us to briefly describe the central characteristics of the School and in following articles report upon interviews we intend to hold with the headmaster and a representative sample of affiliated teachers, parents and students.

Winston School was founded in 1988 with the mission of educating students in grades 4 through 12 who have learning disabilities. For many reasons, traditional schools are not able to provide for the special needs of students coping with learning disabilities ranging from dyslexia to autism and disorders of speaking and listening. What the school provides are small classes, a learning resource center for special assistance, individual attention and an environment for learning which helps students discover and develop their natural gifts and a love for future learning.

The Winston School curriculum prepares students for college programs. Honors courses and advancement college placement courses are offered when individual students are ready. The curriculum is enriched with numerous courses in the visual and performing arts, athletics, and an activity program facilitating skill in such areas as photography and musical composition.

As for graduation and college matriculation, 95 percent of Winston school graduates are accepted into two- or four-year colleges.

Mission Statement: “The Winston School inspires hope and success in bright, creative students who have struggled to realize their potential.” Motto of the School: Never, never, never, never, give up.”- Winston Churchill, after whom the school was named.


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