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Political Scuttlebutt
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Three Del Mar Council seats are up for election next year. Rumor has is that incumbent Carl Hilliard is planning to run for a third four year term and incumbent Don Mosier a second four year term for re-election to the Del Mar City Council in November 2012. It is not clear if incumbent Mark Filanc is planning to run. None of the five incumbent Council members have faced an opponent running for Council seats in the last two elections.

Dave Roberts, Solana Beach City Councilmember, is exploring a run for the County Supervisorial seat from which Pam Slater-Price will be retiring.

We correct our previous report that John Stahl, who is running for Congress against Brian Bilbray in the 52nd District, does not live in Del Mar. In further research, the Sandpiper sees that John has owned a condominium in Del Mar Woods for many years, but only recently became a full-time resident. He became a registered voter in Del Mar after July 2010. He also would like to be referred to as “former officer in the military” rather than a “serviceman.” Del Mar is not within the new boundaries of the 52nd Congressional District, but Mr. Stahl states that, if he wins, he will find a residence within that district even though it is not a constitutional requirement.


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