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Save Our Sol
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Solar Panel on roof.  Photo Art Olson


At its November 9 meeting, the Solana Beach City Council unanimously (5-0) agreed to oppose SDG&E’s proposed surcharge on solar and renewable users. The council will draft a resolution in opposition to SDG&E’s plan, and send letters of opposition to the California Public Utilities Commission, Governor Jerry Brown, and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

“We consider the City of Solana Beach’s vote a great victory for solar and renewable users in Solana Beach, throughout San Diego, and ultimately in all of California,” said Lane Sharman, managing director of the new non-profit organization Save Our Sol (SOL) formed by Solana Beach residents to raise awareness of SDG&E’s plan. “It’s outrageous that SDG&E is trying to surcharge people who are generating their own clean energy.”

Sharman further explained that the SDG&E surcharge is a test case in California, and that other big utilities are throwing their weight behind the SDG&E surcharge effort and watching the outcome closely. He went on to say that California utilities are lobbying for SDG&E’s successful surcharge effort, which is already having a chilling effect on the solar industry in terms of sales and employment.

Representatives from SDG&E stated their case at the council meeting. The City of Solana Beach, known for its progressive views on environmentalism and sustainability, came down firmly against the surcharge despite the utility’s plea for support.

Information about SOL and a petition to fight against the surcharge can be found at www.saveoursol.com.


Photos Art Olson


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