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Photo Mike Salt

Kate Sprague age 5. (Kate made her Christmas Concert debut at the age of 2 singing Octopus’s Garden.) Photo courtesy Tripp Sprague


Del Mar resident June Strasberg has attended more than twenty concerts over the years, but what she remembers most about Peter is that, even in high school, “he was a role model for all the other high school boys who were interested in music, including my son and many others.”

Carol Mason also has memories that precede the concerts. “Peter is unusually loyal to his old friends,” she says, “he and my sons grew up together and he knew me as the Rypinski kids’ mom, but as an adult he became my friend, too, and always asks about the tribe. He was the natural choice to play at our wedding in 1983, and he and Robert Mason (my husband) wrote a love song which Robert sang at our backyard ceremony. Then Kevyn Lettau, John Leftwich, and Tripp Sprague joined Peter on our deck to celebrate.”

Along with the rest of the Keeling family, Paul Keeling attended the Christmas Concerts for about twenty years, starting when he was a young teenager. “Peter’s Christmas Eve jam on Highway 101 between Ocean Song and the drug store was, for me, an annual ritual that was as integral to the Christmas festivities as putting up the tree, decorating the cookies, and singing carols. There was great energy; at times the music would really take off, and the only problem was that the crowd would throng into the street and have to be reigned in repeatedly.”

Robin Crabtree, who’s been attending the concerts for about ten years, agrees that they’ve become a treasured tradition. “The music is fantastic, but it’s become a warm, wonderful time to share with family, dogs, friends, and community, and to reflect on how thankful we are for everything we have.”


Photo Mike Salt


Peter Sprague’s Musical Friends Through the Years

Bryant Allard
Tommy Aros
Fred Benedetti
Julia Benedetti
Regina Benedetti
Gunnar Biggs
Randy Brinton
Andy Villas Boas
Steve Feierabend
Laura Fleck
Riley Fleck
Nina Francis
Kelly Jocoy
Marianna Jolly

Monette Marino Keita
Kevin Koch
John Leftwich
Mark Lessman
Kevyn Lettau
Coral Macfarland-Thuet
Tim McMahon
John Minchin
Sydney Minchin
Duncan Moore
Leonard Patton
Scott Phile
Anna Roberts
Avalon Roberts

Boaz Roberts
Leyna Rowan
Rob Schneiderman
Hall Sprague
Kate Sprague
Kylie Sprague
Peter Sprague
Tripp Sprague
Bim Strasberg
Allison Adams Tucker
Chris Vitas
Sara Watkins
Sean Watkins


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