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This I Believe
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive


Sherryl Parks.  Photo Eudoria Lee


I feel most alive when I’m living in a small town. I’m happiest when I know my neighbors, can walk to my hairdresser, church and the library. The post office lady knows me by name, as does the parking-ticket guy. Daily life is predictable and safe so I can focus my energy not in self protection and preservation but in far more interesting and exciting opportunities.

As a Del Mar resident for over 38 years I have had the pleasure of serving on various volunteer boards including the Del Mar Foundation, the City’s Design Review Board, and the Friends of the Del Mar Library. All these positions have given me a much better understanding of the issues facing our small community and the importance of our Community Plan to continue to shape our town in the future. I have used some of my professional skills as well as helped to network with friends and neighbors to help make things happen. Most of my friends are involved in one way or another with City committees or other non-profit groups such as the Community Connection’s CERT program, the Del Mar Historical Society or DM Television Foundation. As you can see there is quite a variety of opportunities for us to work together to bring beauty to the town (DM Rose Society or DM Garden Club), help seniors enjoy an easier life (DM Community Connections) or the City work out various problems (TPAC – Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee is one example).

As a result of my years in Del Mar I have truly enjoyed getting to know my neighbors and I’ve had lots of fun working with them. I am proud to live in a city that not only has such an engaged citizenry but also encourages and welcomes participation in a wide variety of areas.

So, if you want to “Get excited about your life,” quoting from Dr. Phil, I encourage you to log on to www.delmar.ca.us/government/pages/volunteeropportunities. There you will find current openings for committees as well as the application procedure and deadlines for submissions. Before you know it, you will be steeped in something new and exciting.

The Del Mar City Council recognizes all volunteers at an annual reception. The invitations go out to over 300 volunteers who work on the advisory committees and all nonprofits in town. When you consider we live in a small town of about 4000 people you will then realize that active public service has become part of the Del Mar Way.


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