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Finding Fido 
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street


Lucy with Allie Sanchez. Photo Jeannine Sanchez


Who are you going to call when your pet parrot was “last seen flying south”? Del Mar Community Connections, of course, which reunites pets with their owners through its Lost Pet Email Alerts program.

When the roughly 1,100 residents on DMCC’s email list learned that Rita, a ten-year-old African Grey Parrot had flown the coop, pet detectives across Del Mar grabbed their binoculars and cell phones and sprang into action. After several sightings and a chain of calls, Rita was found and was soon roosting comfortably at home with her relieved owner Brooke Eisenberg-Pike. Brooke, a resident and former mayor of Del Mar, is very grateful for the program. “I never, ever, would have gotten her back without the help of DMCC,” she says.


Brooke Eisenberg-Pike and Rita. Photo David Pike


Lucy, a Yorkshire Terrier owned by Jeannine Sanchez, was the subject of an eight-day DMCC search in October that ended with her finding her own way home, exhausted and half her normal weight, but otherwise healthy. “Even though Lucy wasn’t actually found by DMCC,” Jeannine says, “the support we received from the entire community was amazing!”

A missing Australian Shepherd named Barrett, who wandered from his 23rd Street home last summer, was also the subject of a DMCC alert, but the case was cracked by Beach Colony postal carrier Marc George. Marc, who had heard that a dog matching Barrett’s description had been found, quickly put his owner, Mardel Backes, in touch with the neighbors who had found him, demonstrating that people who know the neighborhood well can be an excellent resource.


Beach Colony postal carrier Marc George with Barrett the Australian Shepherd and Barrett’s owner Mardel Backes.
Photo Nancy Fisher


Although identifying tags and microchips are the most reliable way to ensure that Fluffy or Spot will make it home, sometimes accidents happen and it’s nice to have a support system in place. “We help owners find several pets a year,” says DMCC Program Director Heather Glenn. “Sometimes we find them ourselves and sometimes they return home on their own, but either way it provides hope to their heartbroken owners to know that we’re looking.” “And of course the most rewarding part of the job,” she adds, “is when we’re able to send out a “Happy Ending” alert.”

To report a lost pet, contact DMCC at 858-792-7565 or email the program at dmcc_lost_pets@yahoo.com. For more information, contact Heather Glenn at 858-792-7565 or email her at heather@dmcc.cc.


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