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Residents Rating Revitalization 
Ann Gardner | Via Latina


2 lanes with roundabouts was the most favored alternative
among workshop participants.


Del Mar residents, some downtown property owners and business operators participated in a Workshop and attended Open Houses last month to help City staff draft a Specific Plan for Village Revitalization. Residents who were unable to attend the meetings can download a Workbook and Survey from the City website and submit input. If received by November 11 the information will be included in a summary report to the City Council on November 14. Initial input favored a two-lane Camino del Mar with roundabouts and an increase in the downtown Floor Area Ratio.
Each participant receives an interactive workbook that provides opportunities to rate alternatives, from strongly prefer to strongly dislike, for downtown in three areas: Vision, Public Realm and Development Parcels. The Vision section asks you to reaffirm goals from earlier studies and provide input on “measures for success.” For example, will the revitalization be seen as successful if the City Hall site is redeveloped with a parking structure, if there is a continuous sidewalk or if downtown properties are redeveloped; all three or none of the above?

Photos of the existing downtown and simulations of alternatives are provided for the other areas, and all can be viewed on the City’s website. The Public Realm section of the Workbook provides simulations of three alternatives for Camino del Mar:

  • Four vehicular travel lanes (existing)
  • Three vehicular travel lanes, two northbound, one southbound with diagonal parking on west side.
  • Two vehicular travel lanes, one in each direction with roundabouts at 11th and 13th to ensure the same carrying capacity as 4-lane alternative

Participants mark their preference for each alternative: strongly prefer, prefer, acceptable, dislike or strongly dislike. Planning Director Kathy Garcia emphasized that choices do not have to be exclusionary; i.e. participants can give the same preference rating to different alternatives. Space is provided for asking questions or providing additional choices.


Current commercial height limit on west side: 14 feet.   Visual Simulations City of Del Mar


Alternative new commercial height limit on west side: 26 feet + 4 feet for roof articulation. Visual Simulations City of Del Mar


Alternatives for Development Parcels include questions on Floor Area Ratio formulas for determining bulk and mass in the Village area; setbacks to promote outside dining, gathering spaces or other outdoor uses; height limits and parking. One alternative listed is a Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC) suggestion to issue residential permits for streets surrounding the village. The Workbook asks would you Strongly Prefer, Prefer, (find) Acceptable, Dislike or Strongly Dislike this idea?
City Council initiated the downtown planning process in July and it is targeted for completion by August 2012 with a public vote on a Specific Plan with development standards to replace current zoning, at the November 2012 election. If you haven’t already, be sure to get a copy of the Workbook and make your preferences known now! Go to www.delmar.ca.us for the Workbook and Survey and more information on Village Revitalization activities.


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