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International Flavors
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


I suspect that many of you, like I, live in fear with Thanksgiving and the arrival of the dreaded “turkey dinner production” approaching - especially since many of my friends and relatives have “dropped out” to become vegetarians. Good Bye, Turkey!! I’ve resolved the situation this year thanks to the transfigured Del Mar Market. I intend to lead my guests on a journey Thanksgiving week to the Del Mar Farmers Market in hopes of discovering and grazing upon all the intriguing gourmet food that has recently been introduced. I trust it will be a worthwhile adventure for those in the party who are unaware of the international foods on display or the evolution of the “new” Del Mar Market.  

As a guide, meet Estela and Anthony Maciel who are largely responsible for the Market’s current development and some of the vendors they invited to join the “Market Family.”


Anthony and Estela Maciel and niece, Keilin Mendoza

Estela manages the Del Mar Market and with Anthony's assistance is largely responsible for its remarkable growth and development. The Market always featured interesting, fresh and organic produce from local farms and orchards. Recently, she successfully courted the participation of a number of carefully selected food vendors-- resulting in a Del Mar Market that is an exciting destination offering a diversity of delicious international cuisines. Anthony maintains an organic, thriving vegetable farm in nearby Vista. He grows an impressive assortment of vegetables. Keilin assists wherever needed and is completing her high school education.


Marianne Mieslowski and Sonja Knowles: The Passionate Palate

Marianne is one of the foremost California bakers. She was trained in Germany in the traditional, and somewhat secret, methods of German and European baking. Sonja is pursuing a college degree at San Diego State in Nutrition. The specialties they present include: coconut-cranberry cake, walnut braid, gingerbread cakes, gluten-free cake, deep chocolate cake, seasonal fruit tarts, an extraordinary variety of cheesecake, and German Christmas cookies.


Vikramjit Singh Masala Cottage

This youngman has captivated the Market with his exciting array of Indian food, much of which is prepared in his restaurant, the Masala Cottage in El Cajon. He notes, “We prepare all the curries and breads there and sell throughout the region at country markets.” He takes great pride in the samosas, dips (yogurt mint and spicy green), chicken Tikka Masala, vegetable curries, Nam Indian bread, etc., and is willing to share samples for those unfamiliar with the wonderment of Indian food.


Christophe Le Neouanic: Gourmet French Cuisine

Christophe is normally involved in cooking for parties and offering catering services when not at the Market on Saturday afternoons presenting the following from the world of French gourmet cooking: Ratatouille with Herbes de Provence, Chicken in White Wine and Leek Reduction, French Meatballs in Red Madera Sauce, Chicken Aiguillette, French Bacon Carbonara, Lentils with Smoked Sausage, Chicken Curry, Chicken Masala and (by order) Escargot and Duck Confit.

Douglas Lindamood: Sonrise Ranch

Sonrise Ranch describes itself as a family farm offering “home grown” foods including USDA approved grass-fed beef, humanely treated, antibiotic free pork and truly free-range chicken. Lindamood notes” Grass fed-beef has less fat, requires less energy to produce and demonstrates our commitment to sustainable farming.


Francisca Ortiz: Gourmet Tamales

Francisca is a part of a small, family run business selling a remarkable variety of tamales (23 kinds in all) including sweet corn and scallion, spicy black bean, green mole and vegetable, feta and spinach, problamo and cheese, spicy chicken, and desert tamales like pumpkin, apply-strawberry, and pineapple.


Brandon Janiss: Nicolau Farms

Nicolau Farms is one of the last remaining goat farmsteads in California milking around 50 goats. The milk is sent directly from the goats to the cheese room where it awaits the cheese making process. As Brandon Janiss explains the cheese is all natural and uses wholesome milk free from the use of hormones or antibiotics. The cheese recently offered for tasting included:  fresh chevre available in Plain, Garlic and Chive and Spicy Red Pepper.


Marvin and Vicki Monroe: Orchids of Course

Marvin and Vicki have a sizeable greenhouse in Fallbrook devoted to the raising of these splendid orchids. They have recently joined the Del Mar Market. While not edible they certainly increase one’s aesthetic appetite


Japanese Sushi-Teriyaki

This is one of the latest additions to the Market--contributing a number of classic Japanese foods including all manner of sushi, teriyaki and yakisoba.


Photos Tony Corso.  Please note:  A large number of photos on this page
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