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Saluting Del Mar Vets

The Sandpiper would like to pay tribute to some of those who have served our country.


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Buck Abell, Colonel, U.S.Army. Active duty 1956-1969. Reserve 1969-1986.

Jack Batzler, Rear Admiral, U.S.Navy, 32 years.

Larry Brooks, Captain, U.S.Coast Guard. Active duty 1962-1974. Reserve 1974-1985.

Richard Earnest, Lieutenant Commander, U.S.Navy. 1964 to 1973.

Bud Emerson, Specialist Third Class, U.S.Army Security Agency, 1955-57.  Russian voice translator monitoring Soviet missile launches from a base on the Black Sea in Turkey.

Willson J. Fahlberg, Private First Class with a Technical Specialty, Medical Corpsman, Ski Trooper, Company H, 85th Battalion, 10th Mountain Division, U.S.Army. Service in Italy in 1944-1945. Will Fahlberg passed away on September 28, 2011. See www.delmarsandpiper.org for a piece written in memoriam by his son Lars.

Paul Haydu, Lieutenant Commander, U.S.Navy. Active: in Viet Nam waters 1972-73; Navy Regional Medical Center, San Diego 1973-74.

Michael A. Kaplan, Captain, U.S.Army. Vietnam 1969-1970.

Wayne Otchis, First Lieutenant, U.S Army. 1966–1968.

Charles Pinney, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S.Marine Corps. 26 years of combined active and reserve duty.

Hershell Price, Petty Officer 2nd Class, U.S.Navy. 1959-1963.

Richard Raack, Staff Sergeant, U.S.Airforce. USAF National Guard 1948-51; Active duty USAF 1951-52.

Terry Sinnott, Lieutenant, U.S.Navy. 1968-1972, OOD, USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) in Vietnam; Instructor, Fleet Training Center in San Diego.

William F. Watts, U.S.Army Air Corps (now the U.S.Eighth Air Force). During WWII.

Eugene P. “Dennis” Wilkinson, Vice Admiral, U.S.Navy, 1940-1974. Was the first commanding officer of the Nautilus (the first nuclear-powered submarine) and the first commanding officer of the Long Beach (the first nuclear-powered surface warship.
Note: The veterans listed above responded to our request for names in the October issue and online.

Note: The veterans listed above responded to our request for names
in the October issue and online.



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