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Congressional Congestion 
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Redistricting is done and the candidates have all declared so the race for the 52nd Congressional District currently represented by Brian Bilbray is set. The primary election in June 2012 will be different as the top two vote-getters will face a run-off in November 2012 no matter what the party affiliation of these top two is. While Del Mar is not in this district this race will be watched throughout the country as Democrats believe they have a chance to unseat an incumbent Republican. The voter registration provides a slight Republican advantage by independents but will be a major force in both the primary and general elections.

On the right, Bilbray is being challenged by John Stahl. John is a business person and former serviceman. While he lists his residence as Del Mar, he lives outside the city limits. He is staunchly pro-life and believes that taxes should be cut to spur job growth.

On the left is Lori Saldana. Lori served much of the district from 2004 through 2010 as a member of the California State Assembly. Lori is a former teacher. She is staunchly pro-choice and believes that restoring education funding and expanding access to affordable health care is of utmost importance.

Finally Scott Peters is taking the moderate road. Scott is a former San Diego City Council member and currently the Chairman of the Port of San Diego Commission. Although Scott will portray himself as a “can-do” person who can work both sides of the aisle, he will be remembered by many for the City of San Diego pension debacle.
While Bob Nascenzi of Carmel Valley declared his candidacy early, because of Scott Peters’ entry he has decided to withdraw and endorse Peters.

Brian Bilbray will have the firm support of the Republican Party as he seeks reelection. Of course, there will be candidates from the minor parties.


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