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Get On Top Of Your Trash!
Mark Delin | Assistant City Manager


Gretchen Crowson, Assistant to the City Manager,
shows cart size choices. Photo Art Olson

The City of Del Mar is about to enter a new era in its solid waste and recycling management system! The City will be joining a select few other forward thinking cities in San Diego County, and over 7,100 communities nationwide, in a pay-as-you-throw waste management system which rewards residents who recycle and practice waste prevention with the opportunity to pay less on their monthly waste collection bill. Residents will be able to select from new solid waste and recycling carts of 35 gallon, 64 or 96 gallons in size. The new recycling carts are far easier to use than the crates currently in use, and have been demonstrated to increase recycling by providing more capacity, and offer additional benefits of increased privacy of recycled materials, and reductions in scavenging, litter, and stormwater pollution. Residents will be provided with unlimited recycling, and the green materials collection program will remain unchanged. Although the City is encouraging everyone to use the new carts, residents unable to use a cart for any reason will be allowed to continue to use their existing containers if they so desire. The City has carts in the three sizes available for viewing in the City Hall Annex, to help residents choose what is right for them.

The City Council is in the process of choosing a company to provide these services. The finalists are both highly experienced and capable companies with excellent track records: EDCO Waste & Recycling, and Coast Waste Management, the current provider. Whichever provider is selected, residents and businesses can look forward to being served by brand new, quiet, low-emission compressed natural gas trucks.

The new contract will also call for expanding the annual fuel reduction program from one to two weeks. This program reduces the fire hazard in the City by providing residents with a free brush disposal opportunity through the placement of 3-yard bins throughout the City The bulky waste collection program will change from a free once-a-year opportunity, to a free three-time per year collection of up to five items on a convenient call-in basis. The new contract also calls for funding for new public outreach and education programs, and will fund the collection of the City’s waste and recycling containers in parks and on the beaches, and will also provide funds for new public area recycling containers to make recycling more readily available.

Once a company is selected, and rates are finalized, the City will initiate a Proposition 218 protest ballot. The City will do a mailing to all property owners and ratepayers in the City informing them of the proposed rates and charges, and the proposed method of adjusting the rates and charges for the future years of the contract. If a majority of ratepayers return a mailing saying that they object to the new rates, the new programs and services will not be able to be implemented, and the City will need to consider what alternatives may be available.

Note: On September 26 the City Council selected Coast Waste Management to provide our new solid waste and recycling services.


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