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What is FOR for?
Al Corti, on behalf of FOR


Friends Of Revitalization is a citizen’s advocacy group in favor of making downtown Del Mar a more attractive, pedestrian friendly and economically viable destination for residents and visitors alike.

FOR believes that the Village improvements envisioned in our Community Plan over 30 years ago have not been fully implemented despite numerous studies, community forums and significant staff time. Del Mar has initiated the process to create a Specific Plan for the downtown area which is envisioned to be the tool to finally get Village revitalization underway. FOR is supportive of this effort.

FOR’s Mission Statement: Assist our City leaders in the creation and implementation of a Specific Plan that will provide a framework to encourage redevelopment of both private and public property, create an attractive and vibrant downtown core, provide pedestrian friendly walkways, establish a parking plan that meets the community’s needs and most importantly a Specific Plan for the village which will preserve and enhance public and private views of the ocean and the history and character of Del Mar.

FOR stands for:

• Creating a pedestrian priority village with a contiguous, safe and pleasant walking surface from one end of town to the other.

• Improving the appearance and functionality of the commercial area on Camino Del Mar.

• Promoting less through traffic in our community. We believe Camino del Mar should be a community thoroughfare, not a more convenient diversion for I-5 and 805 traffic jams.

• Creating a Town Center for Del Mar that serves our civic, administrative and public needs. One which we can be proud to say, “This is Del Mar’s town center.” The City Hall site should be redeveloped to satisfy these needs as well as providing convenient and safe public parking for the Village.

• Provide for more mixed use opportunities in town with residential on 2nd level of buildings.

• Convenient and sufficient parking for our downtown residents and visitors.

• Additional density where appropriate and in a manner so as not to be a detriment to our in town residents.

• Guidelines that allow and encourage thoughtful redevelopment of the commercial properties along Camino Del Mar.

• Preserving private and public views of the ocean and encouraging the creation of permanent public vistas where possible.

FOR wants all Del Mar residents and commercial property owners to join in the revitalization efforts. We want individuals to be informed and engaged in the revitalization process. Become a Friend of Revitalization and let your City leaders know what you think Village Revitalization should entail.

FOR founding members are: Al Corti, Howard Gad, Jen Grove, Linda Rock, Nancy Johnson Sanquist, Kelly Kaplan. For information, visit www.fordelmar.com.



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