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Bolder Brushstrokes
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


New Board members: Front: Libbie McMahon, Asta Sutton, Natalie Turegun. Back: Karla Nederloff and Tena Navarrete
Photo Sandee Watt


Del Mar’s capacity for creativity and inventiveness was once again officially recognized. For the second year in a row the Del Mar Art Center Gallery was awarded a gold prize as the “Best Art Gallery in North County.” The recognition came as new board directors were elected with the expectation that they will continue vying for such acknowledgment. Both the award and election of new Board members suggest that the Sandpiper visit the Gallery and further report upon recent undertakings and accomplishments.

Photo Anthony Corso

The visit became an informal and lively conversation with board members. Newly elected board members seen in the photograph are: Asta Sutton, President, Libbie McMahon, Vice President, Tena Navarrete, Treasurer, Natalie Turegun, Secretary and Karla Nederloff, Scheduling Secretary. Each of them chose to be present at the interview and participate in a discussion on the Gallery’s accomplishments and their thoughts and ideas for the future.

Photo Anthony Corso

They began with an endorsement of the Gallery’s original objective: to increase public awareness and an appreciation for the arts and were quick to describe the variety of programs and activities oriented toward this end. In this regard, they spoke of the continued growth and expansion of the Gallery in terms of the quality and variety of displayed works of art. For example, the following art forms are currently represented: oil and acrylic paintings as well as watercolors ( from various schools and artistic expressions), contemporary and classical ceramics , printmaking and photography ( many demonstrating the application of contemporary technology to the production of art), etchings, jewelry, sculpture, fused glass, etc.—an amazing collection!

Photo Anthony Corso

Sandee Watt, who serves as publicity chair for the Center, described recent additions to the Gallery’s roster of artists. It now includes of some amazing individuals: Marcos Armitage, an artist who combines science with art, Leslie Ray Wilton, who produces incredible “creature sculptures,” Dannette Brennan, who exhibits exceptionally beautiful oil paintings, Karen Fidel, an artist fabricating outstanding ceramic works, Alix Dumka, who artistically engages a variety of mixed media, Bob Cradic, who uses his imagination to bring forth bright, colorful oil paintings and Tony Shelfo, who reveals his special insight through his dramatic photographic works.

Photo Anthony Corso

As for the future- a list of possibilities are being explored: establishing closer relationships with the Art Department at UCSD, perhaps collaboratively offering seminars or workshops for the public and local artists; providing art education for grade and high school students; publicizing exhibitions in the Center through an imaginative web site; encouraging member artists to provide informal discussions regarding their life journeys, memorable achievements and accomplishments; offering an expanded number of poetry and music nights, children’s exhibitions and technical demonstrations by visiting professional artists; displaying gallery art in businesses and gathering places throughout Del Mar; demonstrating the ability of various art forms to contribute to the emergence of a thriving , healthy culture--a culture which embraces differences, while engaging individuals in enterprises which dramatically build mutual understanding and a deepened sense of community.

It is evident to one visiting the Del Mar Art Center Gallery that there are local artists, art administrators and volunteers who are willing to provide the intellectual nourishment needed to evolve such a vision.


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