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Losing a Lot
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive


King Parking Lot.  Photo Art Olson

Beach visitors may find surprises if the property at 1601 Coast Highway is sold. This spot, better known as the ‘King Parking Lot,’ is extremely popular at our beach. Presently the lot has 127 parking spaces and it is actively manned for the 3-4 months in the summer. Beach goers also have an opportunity to rent surfboards, beach chairs and umbrellas at this convenient location across from the lifeguard towers.

During peak summer months the lot is filled especially with surfers who use the lot to change into wetsuits and then go to the beach for extended surf sessions without fear of getting a costly parking ticket. It is a deal, considering it is only $4/hour to park there. These parking spaces are valued highly when there is a concert in the park or other events held at the Powerhouse Community Center. A change in ownership could influence the fee; ownership will likely increase the number of hours for attendant coverage as well. Perhaps pay/park meters will be installed, as with ACE parking structures throughout the county. Since the property is zoned ‘mixed commercial’ we could see a slight change in use. However, zoning requires there to be some parking at that prime location.

The price for the beach lot is $6.8 M. The property is 40,420 square feet and is zoned mixed commercial. Any changes in the use of the property must be approved by the City Council. If you are interested in this property please contact Mike Cady at 858-619-4968 or email him at mikecady@realator.com.


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