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  This I believe
Sam Borgese, 10th Street


Over the last 38 years as a resident of Del Mar I have experienced the rich benefits offered by one of the most perfect environments in the world. These 38 years have also been an education on how to balance my enthusiasm to improve elements of this environment, specifically the revitalization of our village commercial core with the realization that a law of physics (for every action there is a reaction) has confounded the best of my intentions.

And, over these years I have been fortunate to meet many residents who may or may not have shared my ideas or opinions, but who, like me, have a fierce dedication to maintaining the quality of our environment, albeit with different perspectives on strategy. Most of these differences have been resolved as a result of years of listening and earnest efforts to build respect and trust. Some residents remain tentative and suspicious.

The Sandpiper has been an important part of this process. Collaborating with fellow Editors has enriched my ability to look at all sides of an issue, to better appreciate creative criticism, and to accept and grow to solicit editorial input. Contrary to some opinions, the Sandpaper exercises strong editor discipline in presenting fair and informative articles whose sole purpose is to educate the community on issues and to encourage dialogue from all residents in an open forum. The Sandpiper also publishes important social news and bulletins that assist residents in living a rich life of friends and community.

As the village revitalization process moves forward, the Sandpiper will be an active voice in informing residents on activities and actions taken, as well as continuing it’s editorial position in support of a revitalization process that includes broad resident input and ensures that any development is based on limiting the scale and neighborhood intrusion.

Finally it is important to remember that the Sandpiper is the only publication solely dedicated to Del Mar on issues that directly or indirectly affect our lives as residents. It is a publication that will continue in this role well into the future. It will become more valuable to the community as other residents lend their voices to it’s pages and take up the responsibility to continue the charter to protect that unique village environment that is the common bond between all Del Mar residents.

This is the first of a series of articles by Sandpiper Editors who are coming forth to share their vision of Del Mar as a community and as a regional voice for sensible and responsible stewardship of our extraordinary natural environment. The Editors also invite others to submit their views encouraging a healthy discussion of challenges that face us as a small community.



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