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  Resident Bridge Bats
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court
Torrey Pines Bridge.  Courtesy City of Del Mar


Most of us are aware that the North Torrey Pines Bridge, considered one of Del Mar’s Historic landmarks, is undergoing a sizeable rehabilitation including replacing the entire upper deck. In addition, its columns are being seismically strengthened and repairs being made upon extensive areas of deteriorated concrete. Construction is being implemented so as to maintain the bridge’s historic character.

Those of us who travel along this route have discovered that the road remains open to vehicular and bicycle traffic despite the enormity of construction. However, driving through requires an alert lookout out for construction signs and often a careful weaving between barricades and other blockages. There have been only a few full-closures -- most of them late at night.

A July “Work in Progress” report indicates that 20% of the work has been completed on the $13 million dollar project and that the completion date remains at August 30th, 2013.

Two more years to go!
Mayor Don Mosier recently pleaded, “Slow down, enjoy our beautiful environment and watch out for each other.” In summary, he advises that we remain calm, drive carefully through the narrowed traffic lanes and be willing to share the lanes with other vehicles and bicycles.

Of interest, Margaret Boruyasz, project manager for the firm handling mitigation in the project recently engaged in relocating “resident bridge bats.” It seems there are at least four species of bats making the bridge their home. “Bat condos” have been built in close proximity to the bridge, each holding approximately 200 bats. The bats leave each evening to forage for hundred of insects before returning to their home near daybreak. (March 2011, Torreyana)


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