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  Big Plans Big Price
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Citizen awareness and involvement is urgently needed to consider the impact on the quality of our lives from a giant development near our borders. A citizen-sponsored website describes what is planned and suggests how we can get involved. Check out www.Whatpricemainstreet.com to see for yourself.

Quotes from the website “Kilroy Realty Corporation has proposed the largest density increase ever considered in Carmel Valley’s +30-year history. Located on the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real, the Main Street project includes more than two million square feet of buildings on a 23-acre site currently planned for 500,000 square feet of suburban office space. That’s four times the size of the property’s current entitlements, 10 times the density of the Del Mar Highlands Town Center, and larger than the University Town Center!

Serious Impacts:

• The project will create significant traffic and infrastructure impacts to the community.
• Carmel Valley’s roads are unable to handle already approved entitlements, therefore no increase in traffic beyond what is planned for should be allowed.
• The size and scale of the project is inconsistent with Carmel Valley’s existing community character.
• Potential overflow parking from the project will congest neighboring residential streets and commercial parking areas.

The truth is that this new development will overwhelm the Carmel Valley community and its surrounding neighborhoods with increased traffic congestion, infrastructure impacts and degrade our community’s character.”



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