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  Doggie Do-Do and Don’ts
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive


More doggies due. Photo Sherryl Parks


When you take a close look at our small town it is apparent that we welcome visitors by the hundreds including dog owners and their pets. Owners find a welcoming setting at North Beach (a.k.a. Dog Beach), which includes 29th Street to the Solana Beach border. Dogs love to walk the beaches and swim in the ever so gently flowing San Dieguito River mouth. On any weekday you will find over 50 dogs in the area and on the weekends that number triples.

On June 15 the City asks owners to put a 6-foot leash on their dogs. This law stays in place for only 3 months, until Labor Day. The law was implemented by the city council to insure that tourists and kid’s camps, who frequent the beaches during the peak summer months, will have even more protection from a potential dog pile-up. I visited the area this past Saturday and asked two beach-goers what they thought of the leash law. “We don’t understand why we need to use the leash because normally we come down and the dogs run freely and play with other dogs?” I remarked that the City works hard to create a positive experience for every resident and visitor to the beach and the leash law is needed to protect the increased number of visitors in the summer months. The local lifeguard reports that the first few weeks when leash law is implemented, he needs to remind dog-owners to snap them onto their pets but by the end of the summer everyone is pretty much in compliance.

Value of having a dog beach
Do you ever watch Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer or therapist who is paid to provide socialization and therapy to aggressive dogs, or shy dogs? He brings them into a doggie boot camp to have them experience being among a pack of dogs of different varieties and sizes and dispositions. He works with dogs to be less territorial and new puppies to become socialized. He manages to bring about changes that most dogs would not accomplish while living alone in a single residence or fenced yard.
Del Mar offers dog owners a similar opportunity to ‘run with the pack’ and learn to respond to the voice. I understand there are a couple other dog parks in the north county but it is terrific that Del Mar has the river mouth with water and opportunity to frolic with other dogs freely.

When you visit our dog beach please remember the following dates:

  • North Beach area (29th St. to Solana Beach border) dogs must be leashed June 15 to Labor Day. Dogs able to run under voice control do not need a leash a day after Labor Day.
  • Main Beach area (northern end of Powerhouse Park to 29th St.) Dogs are not allowed June 15th through Labor Day. Dogs allowed leashed from the day after Labor Day through June 14.
  • South Beach area (powerhouse Park south to Torrey Pines border at 6th St) Dogs must be leashed year-round.

Do I need to remind folks to pick up after their dogs at all times?


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