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  Del Mar’s New Hired Gun 
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Mark Ochenduszko.
Courtesy City of Del Mar.

Expect to hear more from Mark Ochenduszko as he takes the reins of the city of Del Mar. While we search for a permanent replacement for outgoing City Manager Karen Brust, Mark will be providing leadership in our “Council-Manager” form of government.
Mark says he uses a “situational, participatory style of leadership, asking staff for their expert advice, making recommendations to the Council, then impementing the Council’s policies even if they differ somewhat from my recommendations.”

Ochenduszko has extensive experience in local government management including over ten years as City Manager in Coronado where he retired more than a year ago. “I missed being involved in local government so this opportunity was appealing”, he said, “this is a very active, sophisticated, and informed community much like I experienced in Coronado so I very much look forward to working with Del Mar citizens in this assignment.”

His six month contract begins July 1.


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