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  Vive La Différence!
Bill Michalsky | Stratford Court


A parking solution for access to the River Path to the west.
Photo Bill Michalsky


What a difference a view makes!  Most of us remember the recycling center located at the corner of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive that obscured our view of the San Dieguito Lagoon for many years. Many were surprised when it was recently closed; part of a deal the City made with Waste Management when extending and revising our refuse collection contract many months ago. The lot consists of two parcels with a combined size of approximately 2/3 of an acre; some portions may be unusable due to proximity to the adjoining river and other easements. The majority of the parcel is controlled by the Notrth County Transit District (NCTD) with the City of Del Mar as owner of a small section adjoining the streets near the intersection.

Once the recycling equipment was dismantled and the fences removed Del Mar’s Lagoon Restoration Committee and the San Dieguito River Park began discussing the idea of using the lot as a trailhead providing connectivity with the proposed Coast to Crest Trail and the Grand Avenue Bridge Overlook further up San Dieguito Drive. The discussion included ideas that would add some parking with native plant restoration on the balance of the impacted lot. Now with the fences removed all are able to enjoy added vistas of the mostly restored San Dieguito Lagoon. Recently access to the parcel was blocked in the interest of public safety by NCTD. While near term uses are on hold many remain hopeful that trail users will finally find a parking solution for access to River Path to the west, the existing Boardwalk path that may extend east to El Camino Real by the end of 2011 and trail concepts that may extend in a southerly direction to the Grand Avenue Bridge Overlook and on to Crest Canyon in the future. Put on your walking shoes and check it out.



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