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  Stores Staying
Sam Borgese | 10th Street


Del Mar residents will still be able to buy groceries at the Del Mar Plaza. Kelly Maher leasing representative for the Plaza confirmed that the Harvest Ranch Market extended their lease for another five years.

Additional Plaza news includes: Flavor restaurant extending their business to include a new champagne and chocolate bar to be located on the Plaza Level across form the Plaza level elevators; Urban Accessories opening on the Street Level; and, Pacifica Del Mar extending their bar and outdoor dining.

The headline here of course is the continued operation of the market. Retaining a resident serving market along with other resident friendly uses that existed prior to the Plaza development was a major condition in the decision by voters to approve the Del Mar Plaza project. Under the Del Mar Specific Plan the market was to be in continuous operation until February 2012 at which date the owners could replace the market with other uses.

Extending the market lease also extends one of, if not the, major resident serving element of the Plaza specific plan. Good news for residents and hopefully a sign that the Plaza owners see value in leasing more tenants that offer resident friendly services.


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