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Mary Ann Emerson, Crystal Crawford, Bud Emerson.
Photo Sherryl Parks

Well-known Del Mar City councilwoman Crystal Crawford, who ran for 74th State Assembly in 2010, held her 2012 campaign kick off event on June 5th in Del Mar. Crawford stated, “We did well in 2010 and laid a solid foundation for the 2012 election. We out-polled the Democrat registration in the district by 7 points and came in only half a point behind Governor Jerry Brown in the 74th District.”

Crawford was pleased to have support from Republicans and Independents as well as Democratic voters and stated her intention to represent all voters in the district regardless of party just as she did during her 12 years on the Del Mar City Council.
“I am running for state assembly because we need to get our state economy, state budget and education back on track. We need representatives who can work collaboratively with everyone to develop real solutions to the challenges we face. Working in Del Mar and the north county region for so many years was wonderful training for me. I learned so much about managing limited resources, practicing sustainable and creative decision-making, and working effectively on local, regional and statewide issues.”

Crystal Crawford, Pat Jacoby, Joe Sullivan. Photo Sherryl Parks

“When the economy was slowing down several years ago, Del Mar was able to reduce our expenditures by nearly 20% without cutting services and without laying off employees. As just one example, we were able to collaborate with the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District and the cities of Solana Beach and Encinitas to provide enhanced fire services while reducing costs.”

Crawford represented Del Mar on the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and dealt with many regional concerns, including transportation, regional planning, and improving relations with the surrounding counties. She also served as the region’s representative on the California Biodiversity Council.

At her kick off, Crawford acknowledged that the 74th Assembly seat was likely to change as a result of the redistricting process that is now ongoing. The first drafts of the new assembly district maps were released several days later on June 10th. Although these maps are first drafts, it appears that Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Rancho Santa Fe will be part of a coastal district extending as far south as the city of Imperial Beach. Currently this region is represented by Assembly Member Toni Atkins. Ms. Atkins has Crystal’s support 100%, and Crystal has stated that she will not be running against Ms. Atkins. “I’m thrilled that Del Mar may be represented by Toni Atkins. But this leaves my candidacy in limbo at this point. I remain excited and willing to serve the community in the best way possible. I just don’t what that looks like right now. I have to be patient until the final maps are released by August 15.”**

Crawford’s experience, temperament and skills make her a strong candidate for any public office. “Sandpiper” will report in the September issue about the results of the redistricting process and what Crawford decides to do.

** To look at the preliminary maps in more detail visit the website of the California Redistricting commission at www.wedrawthelines.ca.gov/maps-first-drafts.html



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