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  Housing For All
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


All California cities are required to update the housing element of their general plan every five years, including the provision of affordable housing units. Del Mar’s regional share of required new affordable housing is 27. “Affordable” incomes are in the $35-50k range which could mean teachers, public employees, business employees, seniors, students, relatives... An adhoc citizens’ group will be meeting for the next few months to recommend to the Council how to meet this requirement.
The Del Mar Housing Corporation, a non-profit agency set up to oversee the city’s housing subsidy program has submitted recommendations to the ad hoc committe and Council as follows:

• rezone the commercial districts to permit mixed use development (small housing units attached to commercial entities)
• permit granny flat units to be added to lots under 2500 square feet with additional floor area allowances up to 400 feet.
• establish a one year amnesty period for illegal units to be permitted with a requirement that they be rented as affordable units
• initiate a pilot program to convert one apartment house to condos if a percentage of the units(one third) are placed under city control as affordable rentals
• double the number of housing subsidies to cover a total of 16 families
These and other recommendations will be heard by the City Council with opportunities for public input.


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