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Nick Brumbach. Photo Nitza Leichtling

Nick Brumbach is known by many of us as “Nick, the Mailman.” He recently retired after 20 years of delivering mail, door to door, exchanging niceties with everyone along the way and offering encouragement when he discovered individuals or families facing difficult circumstances.

He obviously enjoyed his work. In a recent interview, he said that he felt privileged to be able to deliver mail to our doorsteps, rather than to some anonymous mailbox along the street. He spoke of the tremendous changes he had seen along his route in “Old Del Mar” with over 100 houses torn down and rebuilt and the movement of many newcomers into the Village.

He expressed a particular concern for folks that desperately looked forward to his daily delivery; he was often their only contact with the outside.

As for the future, Nick intends to further volunteer with the Sports for Exceptional Athletes program which serves and encourages individuals with developmental disabilities, ages five through adults, to engage in athletics. The program offers 24 sports from baseball and basketball to snowboarding, judo and golf. It encourages the participation of volunteers, families, relatives and friends to join together, have fun and form lasting bonds. How fortunate the program is to have Nick’s involvement, concern and humor.

Those of us along his route already miss him; we considered him a “special friend” and wish him continued success in all that he pursues.
Lest I forget, in the interview his only request was, “I hope you will ask people to make a special effort to visit their neighbors, especially those who feel isolated and alone.”


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