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  Three Down, Six to go
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

Governor Brown terminated three long-serving members of the Fair Board and is expected to announce new appointees in the near future. Barry Nussbaum, Vivian Hardage, and Kelly Burt were told their terms had expired and their services were no longer needed on the nine member board as of June 9. All three have been strong supporters of the aggressive new master plan and outspoken critics of Del Mar’s proposed acquisition of the fairground property. Four other members continue to serve even though their terms have also expired. Leaving them on the board enables the board to achieve a quorum of five members to make decisions. The last two members’ terms expire in January.

Governor Brown is expected to appoint nine new members soon. It is not clear if these new appointees will reconsider the current board’s action to approve the disputed master plan. Settlement discussions are underway with Del Mar, Solana Beach, and other parties who have sued to block approval of the controversial master plan.

This purge happens at the time the Governor’s office is analyzing what to do with all 52 fairground around the state, as well as other state properties. Del Mar City Council members were encouraged by Brown’s action and are trying to involve Del Mar in deliberations with the Governor’s staff and state legislators.


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