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If we ever needed evidence that the Fair Board has no constituent accountability, the lawsuits filed by Del Mar, Solana Beach, San Dieguito River Valley Park JPA, and Sierra Club provide the proof. The Fair Board’s arrogant decisions to certify the environmental impact analysis of their ill-conceived master plan tells us why change is needed. This nine member board of political contributing appointees has thumbed its collective nose at San Diego residents, elected governments, and the natural environment of the San Dieguito Lagoon.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) governs the fairboard as it does all other private and public developers. CEQA places an emphasis on preserving and protecting environmental resources, and on mitigating and avoiding adverse impacts. CEQA also requires every developer (private or public) to consult and collaborate with all interested agencies and jurisdictions whose interest are affected to develop a plan that is consistent with the laws and plans of these affected parties where possible, and where not possible to make specific findings and “statements of overriding considerations” explaining why such collaboration cannot be achieved. Of course, this is a challenging requirement, but private developers throughout the state work diligently to comply with the law and manage to satisfy the law and proceed with their projects. Why should this public agency of the state be allowed to do anything less?
The Fair Board’s own analysis of their master plan states explicitly that it “would result in significant unavoidable adverse impacts related to traffic, air quality, noise, public services, and utilities, and greenhouse gases. These impacts are considered ‘unavoidable’ because either the necessary mitigation is not within the jurisdiction and control of the 22nd AG, or because the mitigation that would be applied would reduce the impact but not to a less than significant level.”

They are damned by their own words! Yet they proceed with imperious arrogance to certify the environmental impact report and approve the master plan. Citizens and goverments have no choice in the face of such blatant disregard for the law and the damage they will do to the quality of our lives.

We are being forced to spend local taxpayer money in court to defend our communities and the environment. The Fair Board, on the other hand, will spend state taxpayer money to defend these lawsuits. Either way, taxpayers pay.
This is rogue government. This cannot stand.


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