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Photo Nancy Swanberg. 
Courtesy San Dieguito Lagoon Preservation Committee.


We promised readers to monitor what is and is not happening in relation to our troublesome neighbor, the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Here is what the ever-fluctuating picture looks like at the time of this writing.

  • Senator Kehoe’s bill to authorize sale of the property to Del Mar has been assigned to several committees of the Legislature for hearings. Final action is not expected until early 2012.
  • Governor Brown’s office has not yet focused on this proposed transaction, so we do not know how the terms negotiated with his predecessor will change, if at all.
    Del Mar continues its efforts to get other jusrisdictions and the unions to endorse Del Mar’s efforts to acquire the fairgrounds and set up a regional board to replace the state-appointed Fair Board.
  • There are indications that Governor Brown will appoint new Fair Board members in the near future. At least six of nine current members are on expired appointments. There are several local residents who have submitted applications.
  • The Fair Board approved its controversial master plan unanimously despite objections from numerous agencies and individuals and warnings that lawsuits would follow.
    Del Mar and Solana Beach have announced that they are filing suit jointly to block Fair Board certification and approval of the master plan. The basis of the suit is that the Board acted in violation of state environmental control statutes. The San Dieguito River Valley Board voted to side with the both cities in the suit.
  • According to Freda Reid the Sierra Club has filed a lawsuit against the 22nd Agricultural District (DAA) over its recent approval of the Environmental Impact Report for the expansion of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The suit seeks to invalidate the environmental study performed over the past few years. It claims that the proposed project fails to comply with environmental requirements and could significantly impact the $86 million San Dieguito Lagoon Restoration Project.
  • The Del Mar City Council is attempting to add Del Mar to a pending state bill on ag district/local government power sponsored by San Francisco and Daly City. The bill would give these local cities jurisdiction over all ag district activities in their city boundaries not related to the original mission of state agricultural districts.

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