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  What Price Main Street?
Jerry Mailhot | Caminito Carmel Landing, Carmel Valley


A Draft Environmental Impact Report on Kilroy Realty’s two million square foot project known as “A Main Street at Carmel Valley” proposed for the Southwest corner of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights may be released as early as late summer 2011. This massive development will likely transform the character of Carmel Valley, as well as have a direct impact on Del Mar residents with increased traffic on I-5 at Del Mar Heights Road, shopper traffic to and from Del Mar and diversion of shoppers from Del Mar’s downtown revitalization.

Concerned Carmel Valley residents have launched a website at www.WhatPriceMainStreet.com to inform residents and neighboring communities of the impacts the proposed zone change (four times the square footage currently allowed) would have on the community, and to create a means to provide input to public officials. After the draft is released, the public will have only 45 days to submit their comments. In contrast, for over a year Kilroy has been conducting a marketing campaign among Carmel Valley residents, which, predictably, has glossed over the scale and traffic impacts residents of Carmel Valley and neighboring communities would experience.

According to information presented last year to the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, a comparison of the new project relative to existing entitlement is:


The proposed project is 4 X the site’s existing building entitlement, 10X the density of the current Del Mar Highlands Town Center (Ralphs’ center), and larger than the University Town Center. The 10-story office building will be 25% taller than the tallest office building in Carmel Valley, and will be sited close to El Camino Real to be visually imposing and out of character with the rest of Carmel Valley. As proposed, the project would be the largest density increase in Carmel Valley ever considered in its 30 plus year history.

Our group is not seeking to eliminate or reduce existing entitlements for the property but working to ensure the density, traffic and parking envisioned in the Community Plan are adhered to. It is important that any future development on the site is consistent with Carmel Valley’s community character and within the proposed traffic and infrastructure demands for which the area has been planned.

To learn more about the impacts of the proposed Main Street project or express your concerns to decision makers, please visit our website at www.WhatPriceMainStreet.com or email Jerry Mailhot at jmailhot@whatpricemainstreet.com

Jerry Mailot is a long time resident of Carmel Valley and former member of the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board.


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