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  Independent Living
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street


Edie Parti and volunteer, Lynn Duoos, at lunch.  
Photo Jeannie Walsh.

As an enthusiastic volunteer, I’d like to thank Del Mar Community Connections for introducing their newest program “In-Home Connections.” The pilot program, which launched in January, is designed to enable Del Mar’s senior residents to live independently, in their own homes, for as long as possible.

Modeled after successful programs such as Boston’s Beacon Hill Village, In-Home Connections matches members with volunteers who are available to help, for up to four hours per month, with many activities in and out of the home. That means that if you still love to garden, but have trouble hauling potting soil around, you can still garden. You can shop for your own groceries or have someone shop for you, go to the movies or a medical appointment, play cards, or take a walk. You can even ask a volunteer to take your containers in and out on trash day or to help with your computer.

The program is designed for everyone, not just those who no longer drive, and offers whatever level of help you might need. For example, while one person might be happy to have a daily check-in phone call, another might want to attend a concert or go to the hardware store – and the program is flexible enough to accommodate any of these. Members receive a number of services automatically, and can select two additional services from a “menu,” designed to meet their specific needs.

All community volunteers are carefully screened by the program’s Member Services Coordinator and undergo a background check via “Live Scan” fingerprinting. Volunteers providing driving services must have a current driver’s license and show proof of a clean driving record and auto insurance coverage.

Members pay only $50 per month, to cover some of the costs of the program, and along with all of the other services, receive trusted referrals for contractors, electricians, plumbers, and more. To become a member or to volunteer, call Jeannie Walsh at (858) 792-7570 or email her at jeannie@dmcc.cc.



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