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The City Council recently appointed three new members to the Traffic and Parking Committee (TPAC) – an advisory group to improve the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and the motoring public in Del Mar. Juliana Maxey-Allison was appointed at the last council meeting and she has lived here part time for six years. Dan Nore has lived in the beach area since 1988 while Ann Ray came to town in 1974.

Ann Ray comes from a family of community activists. Her mother, Barbara Stegman, served diligently on the Planning Advisory Committee for many years so Ann will bring a rich history of understanding Del Mar’s pedestrian and parking concerns. She also has been active in community events such as Del Mar Days, children’s affairs with the Del Mar Foundation as well as the Del Mar Surf Club. Speeding on neighborhood streets will be Ann’s focus.

Dan Nore lives in the beach area and knows the difficulties of parking there. He served on the Sustainability Advisory Board for three years and now is working to update our Solid Waste Management contract. As a businessman, Dan is thinking of future impacts of traffic for the next 20 years. Del Mar will experience changes in mass transit, the realignment of the train and the expansion of the I-5 freeway. Dan will bring to the meetings visionary perspectives that will help Del Mar flex and anticipate changes.

Juliana Maxey-Allison hopes to understand the ‘key issues’ of parking in town and will work hard to build a cohesive plan to make living and visiting our town a pleasure. She comes to the committee with a background as writer and editor and 20 years of residential real estate sales in Manhattan, “where I got my street smarts about parking: ‘DON”T EVEN THINK ABOUT PARKING HERE’!” Juliana will bring a sense of humor to committee meetings.

TPAC will meet monthly to discuss traffic and parking issues. Other members of the committee are Steven McDowell, Chair, and Edward Yuskiewicz with Lee Haydu and Don Mosier acting as Council Liaisons. Thanks to citizen advisory volunteers like Ann, Juliana and Dan, the work of the council is able to keep a better pulse on what is happening in the community, anticipating our needs and problems as they arise. Parking is probably the most talked about problem in Del Mar among residents and businesses. It is a good thing to have three fresh voices on TPAC to explore creative solutions.



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